Saturday, January 31, 2009

Little Ninja

Gavin graduated last night to a white-leader belt in tae-kwan-do. The best part was when the little kids got to go break a board. One front snap kick later (not to mention a little help from some pre-scoring) and it broke clean in half. The surprise on their faces was priceless! Yay Gav, we are so proud of you!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Derek turns 3!

Each morning, before I go to work, I go into the boys' rooms and whisper good morning. Each day for the past few weeks, Derek has answered me with, "Is it my birthday today? Am I 3 yet?" He finally gave up asking earlier this week, no doubt tired of hearing my answer- "Not until January 22nd baby." (Frustrating I am sure to a kiddo with no concept of the calendar). So on Thursday morning I went in and kissed him and said "Happy birthday Derek." He looked at me in utter amazement and responded with "It's my birthday? I'm 3? I can eat cake?"
The joy at realizing that the elusive word "Thursday" finally came!

Thanks to Auntie Devon for coming out on Sunday and for the rest of the family for celebrating Thursday night. And just look at the pics- construction and chef get-ups. Is this kid his father's clone or what???!!!