Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Santa Fe

This past weekend my sister Devon and I took Derek on his first plane ride to visit our family in New Mexico. Our only little fiasco was when we missed the world's fastest preboarding and had to board a tiny airplane with a terrified and screaming Derek with a gazillion people behind us. And wouldn't you know as I was trying to install his carseat in a row with no leg room, my belt loop kept catching on the tray table behind me and pulling it down! I wanted to join Derek in his screaming. :)Luckily, the carseat got installed and a lollipop pacified Derek. He held my hand the entire flight. Other than that small blip, it was such a wonderful trip. All we did was eat, sleep and talk. It was my Nana's first time meeting Derek and it was so cute to hear him say her name. I wish we were still there. Thank you Uncle Lou, Aunt Fran & Nana for such a perfect weekend!
P.S. Derek was not scared at all on the way home..... I think his exact words at takeoff were "Weee" Thank God!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Snow Drift

Jeremy and Gavin got to have a daddy-son day today up in the mountains. They went tubing at Snow Drift. They had a complete blast and only one mishap where Gav did one run on his face (Yes he brought home a "facial souveneir" if you know what I mean) but otherwise the day was just perfect!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Grandma Mary's 90th!

Sunday afternoon we celebrated my grandmother's 90th birthday. It was great to visit with my dad's family. The funniest part of the whole day was during my grandma's speech she said that my boys were the most quiet and well behaved little guys around. Now, believe me I LOVE my boys but quiet and super well behaved? HA HA! Think the fact that she is totally hard of hearing has anything to do with it? Anyhow it gave us a great laugh. Have you ever stopped to imagine how much "life" you will have experienced by the time we are 90? It almost takes your breath away.... Happy birthday Grandma Mary!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Sicker than dogs.....

Sorry we have not called, made our appointments, etc. but we are freaking sick! Not a little sick, but the yuckiest flu ever. We have very high fevers, coughs, and just about everything hurts, especially our eyes (random, huh)? Jeremy had it first, he passed it to me, Gavin has had it for 2 days and I'm sure Derek is next. Of course Jeremy went to Kaiser and paid them $10 for them to tell him it is just a virus. (I could've told him that for free). Anyhow, we miss talking to you. Hopefully we'll all be ourselves again next week....

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Gavin's First Trip to the Movies

I took Gavin for his first trip to the theater today to see "Veggie Tales." My skin and bones son managed to wolf down an entire bag of popcorn all by himself. Aside from being scared a couple of times, he did great!