Monday, June 30, 2008

New Wheels

The Lexo died on me last week at the Tyler mall. I don't mean it had a flat tire either. I mean it will not be resurrected until we come up with four grand to redo the transmission. So what do we do? We bought a new car. Hey- we already had a babysitter lined up that night, and who knows when that would've happened again. So we dove in headfirst and bought a new Dodge Journey. We wanted something cheap with a third row backseat. To answer your questions: Yes, I know those are 22's (the black, round wheely things Mom) and yes I did ask the man if I could take them off to lower the price. (He said no. I told him they were a thug magnet but he didn't seem to care). Yes, we got the $2.99 gas guarantee, no I'm not exactly sure how it works yet. Yes, I am aware I broke Dave Ramsey's cardinal rule (Do not buy new cars). Unfortunately, I really, really, really like new cars. Sorry Dave. So there you have it.... it's cute isn't it???

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Financial Update

The quarter is still in there.... (as of Monday at least). He had another x- ray to confirm. We thought they were going to scope him that day but the G.I specialist decided to wait until July 1st for another x-ray and go from there. Gavin is feeeling totally fine and hasn't got a clue why everyone is so interested in his bowel movements! Thank you for all of your prayers and concerned emails!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

For those of you who know my brother

Check out his wife Sarah's blog for their little family's latest news. :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

All for 25 cents

And so the quarter saga (see below) continues.... it is still in there! He had a follow up x-ray yeasterday and it is just sitting in his tummy. Apparently there is some sort of flap that connects the stomach to the large intestine and they are thinking that his opening is just too small to pass the quarter. SO, they are giving him 'till Monday to "pass" it and if not they will have to get it out via some sort of scope they put down his throat. That will go over real well with Gavin I am sure. Can you picture it? "Honey just sit real still while this nice doctor shoves this long tube down your throat and into your stomach...." I sure hope they can dope him up for that because Gavin can scream real loud and I may have to join him.
Anyhow, I'm asking that you say a little prayer that my little man can avoid that situation and just pass it on his own. Yes, I am actually asking you to pray for poop. Please? I'd do it for your kid...... :)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Human Piggy Bank

Gavin that is..... yes my son for some unknown reason decided to put a quarter in his mouth. Although the xray pic above is not really his, it is very similar to the one that was taken last night at Kaiser. After the longest day ever- got up at 5 am, stopped at CVS on the way to work, worked all day, went to an optometry appointment after school, went and got some groceries, came back to school to put together end of the year memory books, leading kindergarten orientation for next years parents, picking up Gavin at my sister in law's and finally stumbling in the door at 8 pm, I was so happy to be home and only have 1 errand left- to take my babysitter Pat home. I asked Gavin to stay in the car while I got Pat and Derek and somehow in that 2 minutes he swallowed a quarter. I heard blood curdling screaming and ran out to the car to see Gavin barfing and shoving his hands down his throat. I didn't know what had happened at first but I finally figured it out. I called 911 and they put me through to the hospital who said to bring him in. So I left Pat and Derek & called my mom to go over to relieve Pat while Gavin and I rushed off to Kaiser. I could tell when the coin finally dropped out of his throat into his tummy because the screaming/barfing thing stopped in an instant and he was fine again. The X ray showed that he indeed swallowed the quarter and that it was now in his tummy. The doctor assured us that it should come out in the next few days via the "other end." Fabulous. Anyhow at 11:15 pm we finally got home. What a day!