Saturday, May 24, 2008

I will risk my life...

(For a night out without the kids that is)! After record breaking heat last weekend, we Californians got to experience tornadoes this week. And they hit on the one night in which Jeremy was available to babysit and I had plans. After watching the newscast I decided the news people were overreacting as always and a tiny tornado would not stop me from going out. I hopped in the car for girls' night with my high school buddies. They obviously felt the same about the tornadoes since everyone showed up! We had so much fun and once again stayed up much too late for a work night. Thanks girls for such a good time!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

D.I.T. (Daddy in training)

One of the cutest things about being a mom to little boys is seeing their "softer" side come out. Derek has a baby doll that he will carry around the house. He gives it all of his toys, his precious "Mimis" (a little silkie blanket with a head on it)and pats its back always trying to comfort it. It is so adorable to see especially since normally he is busy making his Elmo broom into a sword or launching his Hot Wheels off the stairs! As active as he is, he is still such a sweet boy :)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hotter than heck!

Riverside is, that is. Temps here are hitting the 100 degree mark and we are all feeling hot and sticky. Yes, you say- that is what we get for living in Riverside. Fair enough, but this is what we would expect in August, not MAY! So, in an effort to keep my little ones cool, we broke out the WT plastic pool. It may not be pretty, but it kept them happy for TWO hours. Priceless in my book!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Guess what I just booked????

Imagine- just me and Jeremy. Sitting on the sand in my favorite place on Earth. I am so darn excited. Of course it's still a ways away (November) but it gives me something to daydream about other than potty training. And yes, in keeping with my financial post earlier, I am happy to say that although I did pay with plastic, I sent a check in the mail this morning to pay it off in full. Sorry Dave Ramsey.... I still like my credit card points!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Anyone read it?

I love it! Such a simple, straight forward book about our family finances for someone who is not particularly interested in finances.... I highly recommend it!

Mother's Day

What a nice, nice Mother's Day I had. It was simple and peaceful, just the way I like it! We celebrated with Jeremy's family on Thursday with dinner at the Yard House. The boys were so darn well behaved I hardly recognized them- a present in and of itself!
Friday Gavin's preschool class sang some cute mommy songs and we had a picnic lunch. Unfortunately I did not receive mom of the year status there. The note said "picnic lunch" and where I come from that means a brown bag- sandwich and chips kind of meal. Well apparently it actually means McDonald's. I was one of the only 2 moms who brought PB & J. But of course you are thinking that I have raised my son to be polite enough to excuse my misinterpretation. Uh no..... more like "Mom! How come I don't have an Iron Man happy meal? Everyone else got to have one!" Oh well- hey he was good the night before!
Sunday Jeremy actually had a weekend day off. He cooked a yummy breakfast and then took the boys outside while I sat in my jammies and read the ENTIRE paper. Even the parts I never read, like the classifieds. Just because I could! We ended with a delicious BBQ at my mom's. Beautiful weather, good food and family. It doesn't get better than that!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Quiet Weekend

We haven't had a quiet weekend in such a long time and it was really nice..... the boys actually took naps and ate homecooked meals. Novel, huh????

Other news: Derek had his hearing and speech evaluations. His hearing is perfect. As for his speech, well, basically he omits the second half of all words as well as omits one of the 2 letters in a consonant blend at the beginning of words. Thus, "spoon" becomes "poo" and "truck" becomes "ruh." They decided to give him 6 more months before doing any sort of interventions. My own personal conclusion is that Derek is some sort of genius because this is actually quite difficult to do and takes quite a bit of planning ahead to omit so consistently. Go ahead try it- :)

More happy baby news for those of you who haven't already heard: Jeremy's brother Dino and his wife Terri are expecting their 2nd baby in early November. We are thrilled to say the least.