Sunday, December 14, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday Gavin!

Gavin turned 5 years old last week! Time zooms by, doesn't it? We celebrated this year with just a family party at home. Jeremy barbecued burgers and hot dogs and I made the cake. It was very mellow and Gavin had so much fun. The next night we took his best bud Ashton to Chuck E. Cheese. I would post pics but my camera died. Well, actually it said quote "camera exhausted." Isnt that a bit dramatic for a camera? Anyhow, Chuck E Cheese on a Monday night with just one friend is the way to go. Fun, but not crazy. Thanks to all the family and friends who remembered his special day!


Shan said...

i didn't even see this post when i checked your blog yesterday! i'm so sorry. please give gavin a belated b-day birthday hug for us and tell him happy birthday for us too. let's seriously get together soon!
love, the paulo's

Annie said...

Happy Birthday Gavin...We celebrated at home this year with a dinner as well.He looks so big and old now....